The Story of Rama (Part I)

The Story of Rama (Part I)

Ten Sanskrit Course books for Beginners & Intermediates

ISBN: 9788120835504

Author: Warwick Jessup, Elena Jessup

Subject: Language and Linguistics

Language: English

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 125

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

The Story of Rama, (in 2 parts) together relate in 16 episodes the story of the Ramayana. Part One contains the first eight stories. It begins with a revision of the grammar learned in The Stories of Krishna books, and then goes on to introduce: the standard method of transliteration of the Sanskrit script; the gerund ('having done something'); various Sanskrit idioms; and the declension of the Sanskrit word for 'that' in all three genders.

The second part contains a revision of the grammar learned so far and then going on to cover in simple terms appropriate for the level: an introduction to the imperative mood; other important noun and pronoun declensions; 'having done something' used with prefixes; the part passive participle; the conjugation of the middle voice and the verb 'to be' in the present, future and past times; and the completion of the standard method of transliterating Sanskrit script.

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