The Plays of Kalidasa

The Plays of Kalidasa

Theatre of Memory

ISBN: 9788120816817

Author: Barbara Stoller Miller, Trs. Edwin Gerow, David Gitomer & Barbara Stoller Miller

Subject: Literature

Language: English

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 399

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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In this fine volume Miller and her co-translators David Gitomer and Edwin Gerow have succeeded not only in evoking for us the contexts and spirit of Kalidasa's dramatic art but also in providing Indologists and the general public with excellent, contemporary translations of all three plays of the eminent sanskrit poet the editor and co-translators deserve congratulations and gratitude for their achievement in providing us with Kalidasa translations that are enjoyable as well as accurate and convey in great measure the power and beauty of the works in the original.

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