The Method of the Vedanta

The Method of the Vedanta

A Critical Account of the Advaita Tradition

ISBN: 9788120813588

Author: Swami Satchidanandendra, A. J. Alston

Subject: Philosophy

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 975

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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Swami Satchidanandendra's major work represents the first large-scale critical history of Advaita Vedanta ever attempted. It seeks to establish a clear view of the traditional Advaita Vedanta based on the Upanishads, Brahma Sutras and Bhagavad Gita as systematised by Shankara and his close associates, unencumbered by the mass of conflicting theories developed by later writers of the school. Stripping back these layers of later interpretation, Swami Satchidanandendra calls the reader back to Shankara, who never forgot that the ultimate purpose of all study and reflection is the attainment of immediate experience of one's own true nature as the 'Self of Ali'.


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