The Dutch in Bengal and Bihar 1740-1825 A.D.

The Dutch in Bengal and Bihar 1740-1825 A.D.

ISBN: 9788120840393

Author: Kalikinkar Datta

Subject: History and Culture

Language: English

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Pages: 200

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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The middle of the eighteenth century was marked by a tragic turn in the political destiny of India. The tragedy was caused by a number of disintegrating influences which followed as a logical sequel to the decline of central political authority and lack of sound governance. Internal disorders and insolvency of this country not only excited the greed of Asiatic invaders like Nadir Shah and Ahmad Shah. Abdali, but also emboldened the European trading companies like the English, the French and the Dutch to convert this land extent, echoes of their rivalries in other parts of the world. It is well known how of the three competing nations the English at last emerged completely successful with seeds of their supremacy carefully sown by them on the fertile soils of Bengal and the Carnatic. British capture of Chandernagore, the most important French settlement in Bengal, in March, 1775 and their victory at Vandivas in January, 1760, were certainly very significant events facilitating the rise of British political authority in this country. The battle of Bedara also greatly supplemented this process and so there is perfect justification in describing it as one of the decisive forth crippled of Indian History. Dutch influence in Bengal was hence-forth crippled beyond any chance of recovery and under the pressure of some Indian and extra-Indian forces, it completely vanished by the year 1825.

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