Jatakaparijata (2 Vols)

Jatakaparijata (2 Vols)

ISBN: 9788120842748

Author: Gopesh Kumar Ojha

Subject: Astrology

Language: Hindi

Binding: Paper Back

Pages: 1151

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

The place of the work presented in the three subjects of astrology, Hora and Siddhanta is under Hora. It was built by Sri Vaidyanath, son of Sarvarthachintamanikar Venkatadri in Vikram Samvat 1482. The composition is original but it also contains the essence of Sripatipadadhi, Taravali, Sarvarthachintamani, Brihajjataka and other earlier texts.

This huge book of eighteen chapters has been divided into two parts. There are eight chapters in 624 pages of the first part presented:

1. Rashisheel: In this, the nature, place, noun etc. of the zodiac signs have been discussed and classified in terms of high and low.
2. Grahaswaroop: In this the knowledge-types of planets, satellites, nature, qualities, time etc. are described.
3. Vionijanma: In this, the rites of the person from conception to birth have been discussed.
4. Arishta : In this, there is a description of Arishta and Arishtabhanga yogas of planets. Short life, medium life and full age yogas are given in detail.
5 and 6. There are auspicious yogas related to age in Ayurveda and inauspicious yogas in Jatakbhagha.
7 and 8. Beneficial yogas in Raja Yoga and Dwaddigraha Yoga are said to be the results of planets and the results of the Dwadshabhava.

The theme is simple and easy. Original verses in Sanskrit, Saurabhbhashya in Hindi and Chakras, brackets, horoscopes and tables are also given from place to place.

About Author:

Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha, M.A. LL.B., was a learned astrologer from Mithila (Bihar). He has published many books in Sanskrit, English, and Hindi on astrology and allied sciences. Some of them are Phaldeepika : Bhavartha Bodhini, Aspects in Vedic Astrology, Body Reading (Physiognomy), The Solar Return (Varshphal), The Astrological Secrets of Friendship, Love and Marriage, etc.

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