History of the Dvaita School of Vedanta and its Literature

History of the Dvaita School of Vedanta and its Literature

From the Earliest Beginnings to Your Own Times

ISBN: 9788120815759

Author: B. N. K. Sharma

Subject: Philosophy

Language: English

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Pages: 686

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

This study offers a panoramic view of the creative, expository, interpretive, dialectic, polemical, didactic and devotional phases of Dvaita philosophy, and its literature with a clear chronological setting of literary, historical and epigraphic materials. Written in lucid style it presents a vigorous and sparkling historical exposition of the mighty currents of Realistic Theism, originating in the Vedic and post-Vedic sources of Madhva philosophy finding their culmination in the Dvaita Vedanta of Madhvacarya, and the long line of his great commentators and followers, over a period of seven centuries from the thirteenth century onwards.


About Author:

Bhavani Narayanrao Krishnamurti Sharma (9 June 1909 – 2 July 2005), commonly known as B. N. K. Sharma or B. N. Krishnamurti Sharma, was an Indian writer, scholar, professor, and Indologist. Sharma was professor and Head of the Department of Sanskrit in Ruparel CollegeBombay from (1953–1969). Sharma was one of the foremost exponents of Madhvacharya's school of Dvaita Vedanta. B. N. K. Sharma learned the art of debates under Satyadhyana Tirtha of Uttaradi Math. Sharma travelled along with Satyadhyana Tirtha from (1930 - 1944), learned all philosophical knowledge from him and also used it to rectify his doubts from Satyadhyana Tirtha.


Born in a Brahmin family of scholars and court pandits, Sharma authored more than 25 classical works and over 150 research papers on Vedanta in general and Dvaita Vedanta in particular. He attained international renown and recognition by his scholarly contribution to the Dvaita Vedanta literary treasure. His History of Dvaita School Of Vedanta And Its Literature is a monumental work that brought him the highest national literary distinction of the Sahitya Academy Award in 1963. Sharma was awarded the honorary D.Litt. in Sanskrit by the Mumbai University in 1968. Sharma was also the recipient of the President of India's Award for Eminent Sanskrit Scholars in 1992 and the Government of Maharashtra's Award for Sanskrit in 1993.

Sharma is one of the eminent scholars who wrote the critical appreciations of prominent Haridasa saints such as Purandara DasaKanaka Dasa and others.

B. N. K. Sharma's students included such scholars as K. T. Pandurangi, a winner of the Rashtrapati Award; C. S. Venkateshan,a scholar and professor; D. N. Shanbhag, author and scholar; and S. K. Bhavani (his son).

Early life

B.N.K. Sharma was born on 9 June 1909 in a Kannada-speaking Deshastha Brahmin family of Madhva tradition in SalemMadras Presidency (present-day Tamil Nadu), in a family of Sanskrit Scholars of the former Cochin State of Kerala. He was brought up speaking Marathi and Kannada at home and Tamil outside. His mother Lakshmi Bai was a housewife and native of Salem, while his father B.S.Narayan Rao, a Sanskrit scholar was a native of Coimbatore.[6] B. N. K. Sharma's actual name is Bhavani Narayanrao Krishnamurti and Sharma is not part of his name. Due to Brahmin origins, people started calling him "Sharma" and later it became part of his name. His family migrated from present-day North Karnataka to Kumbakonam of Thanjavur district and later to Cochin and Coimbatore.

Academic career

B.N.K. Sharma had his primary education at the Government School in Kumbakonam. As a child, he had "sharp intellect and acumen" with a great interest in literature and philosophy. Sharma completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sanskrit from the University of Madras in 1931 and Master of Arts degree in 1935 from Presidency College, Chennai.[4] Sharma received his PhD from the University of Madras in 1948 for his thesis on the origin and development of the Dvaita School of Vedanta and its literature.

Sharma started his teaching career as a lecture at Annamalai University at the age of 22 in 1931 until 1938. In 1938 he became principal of Government Sanskrit College in Thiruvayur until 1948. In 1948 he worked as a research scholar in Vishveshvaranand Vedic Research Institute in Punjab. In 1950, he started working as a principal in Poornaprajna Sanskrit College in Udupi. In 1952 he became Principal Dr A. V. Baliga College, Kumta for a short time of one year. In 1953 he finally landed in Maharashtra, where he was appointed as Professor and Head of Department of Sanskrit in Ruparel College in Mumbai and retired in 1969.



B. N. K. Sharma also rendered script for a comic book by name "Madhvacharya: A Vaishnava Saint-Philosopher" of Amar Chitra Katha, a comic book series for which the editor was Anant Pai and the illustrator was H. S. Chavan. It was published in 1967. It was republished many times.

Literary works

Sharma authored more than 25 classical works and over 150 research papers on Vedic history, and Vedanta. He was an expert in Dvaita Vedanta. Some of his notable works include:

  • Philosophy of Śrī Madhvācārya. Motilal Banarsidass (2014 Reprint). 1962. ISBN 978-8120800687.
  • History of the Dvaita School of Vedānta and Its Literature: From the Earliest Beginnings to Our Own Times, 3rd Edition. Motilal Banarsidass (2008 Reprint). 1960. ISBN 978-8120815759.
  • The Brahmasutras and Their Principal Commentaries A Critical Exposition Vol I, Vol II, Vol III. Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers (2008 Reprint). 1971. ISBN 978-8121500357.
  • Madhva's Aupanisadam Darsanam. Dvaita Vedanta Studies and Research Foundation. 1983.
  • The Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad Expounded from Śrī Madhvācārya's Perspective. Dvaita Vedanta Studies and Research Foundation. 1988.
  • Dvaita Philosophy as Expounded by Śrī Madhvācārya. The University of Madras. 1961.
  • Śrī Madhva's Teachings in His Own WordsBharatiya Vidya Bhavan. 1970.
  • Bhagavad Gita Bhashya of Śrī Madhvācārya. Anandatirtha Prathistama, Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha. 1989.
  • Lectures on Vedānta. Karnatak University. 1973.
  • Nyayasudha of Jayatirtha (3 Vols.). Vishwa Madhwa Maha Parishat. 2001.
  • Festivals of India. Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, Government of India. 1977. ISBN 978-0836402834.
  • Advaitasiddhi Vs Nyāyāmṛta: An Up To Date Critical Re-Appraisal. Akhila Bhārata Mādhva Mahamandal. 1994.
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