Histories Of Mercury In Medicine Across Asia And Beyond

Histories Of Mercury In Medicine Across Asia And Beyond

ISBN: 9788120840805

Author: Dagmar Wujastyk

Subject: Health, Ayurveda & Alternative Medicine

Language: English

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Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

Histories of mercury in medicine across Asia and beyond presents a collection of research on the historical uses of mercury in Asian and European medicine by an international group of scholars. Drawing upon primary textual sources as well as on colonial and trade company records, the authors explore the ways in which mercury was used in the different medical traditions from the medieval periods to the present. The essays in this provide insight into the many connections between the various Asian medical cultures, and the role European colonial enterprises played in adding to these connections.

About Author:

Dagmar Wujastyk is an indologist specialized in the history and literature of classical Indian medicine (Ayurveda), iatrochemistry (rasaśāstra), and yoga and South Asian history. Her publications include Modern and Global Ayurveda - Pluralism and Paradigms (SUNY Press) and Well-mannered medicine. Medical Ethics and Etiquette in the Sanskrit Medical Classics (OUP NY). She is the editor of a special volume of Asiatische Studien/ Études Asiatiques, entitled "Histories of Mercury in Medicine across Asia and beyond" (Vol. 69, 4, 2015), of a special volume of HSSA, entitled "Transmutations" (co-edited with C. Barois and S. Newcombe) and Associate Editor of Asian Medicine

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