The Gentle Health System

ISBN: 9788120815001

Author: Hans H. Rhyner

Subject: Health, Ayurveda & Alternative Medicine

Language: English


Pages: 100

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

It is an easy-to-read, lavishly illustrated book that shows how it works. RAther than relying on medication to cure ailments, as Western medicine does, Ayurveda emphasizes daily nutrition habits and physical routines for maintaining health so that you don't get sick in the first place. You will find out how to tell which physical type you are and then get full information on the practical regimens that are right for you. You'll find ways to diagnose and treat many conditions yourself that might otherwise eventually require medical attention. And specific treatments are given for a variety of illnesses, with suggestions, for daily living, including nutrition, relief of stress, and detoxifying environmental pollutants. Everyone who is interested in maintaining his health the natural way will find intriguing ideas on every page of this book.

About Author:

HANS H. RHYNER (Germany) received a doctorate in alternative medicine and philosophy in India and led his own clinic in Bangalore for more than twenty years. He is revered as a pioneer in India and in Europe for his work adapting and integrating classical Ayurveda with the spiritual and holistic understanding of the West.

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