Astadhyayi of Panini

Astadhyayi of Panini

ISBN: 9788120805217

Author: Sumitra M. Katre

Subject: Language and Linguistics

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 1380

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

Panini's grammar of Sanskrit written in the sixth century B.C. is the earliest linguistic description of the language and is the source and inspiration for the development of comparative philosophy and modern linguistics. The Astadhyayi remains the most correct and complete grammar ever written and is considered a model for all grammar.

Sumitra M. Katre's expert translation of the Astadhyayi is the first English translation of the work to use Roman transliteration for the Sanskrit text. Not only scholars of Sanskrit but also general linguists will find accessible this new presentation for the classic work which relies on letters, italics, and small capitals to visually present the operation of Panini's metalinguistic technique. This work also consistently indicates the manner in which the ellipsis created by the formulation of Panini's strings of aphoristic rules is to be filled in by using his own metalinguistic procedures. Included are helpful appendices and lists.


"Professor Katre's translation is indeed an accomplished piece of work. It is the culmination of a very long career in Indo-Aryan linguistics, a work carefully done, ...and one that will be of genuine value to scholars in the field." - George Cardona, Professor of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania

"One could not find a better editor, translator, or commentator than Sumitra M. Katre has demonstrated himself to be." - Winfred P. Lehmann, Director, Linguistics Research centre, University of Texas at Austin

"... this translation will be an indispensable tool, not only for the Indianist and the Indo-Europeanist but also for the general linguist, more interested in formal grammatical theory... a valuable work for constant reference for the specialist." - Edgar C. Polome, Professor of Oriental and African Languages, the University of Texas at Austin

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