A Tibetan English Dictionary

A Tibetan English Dictionary

Enlarged Edition

ISBN: 9788120803213

Author: Heinrich August Jaschke

Subject: Dictionary

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 671

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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The present Dictionary is an attempt to give a rational account of values and meanings of words in the Tibetan language, to distinguish the various transitions in periods of literature and varieties of dialect, and to make sure of each step with the help of accurate and copious illustrations and examples. The author has not restricted himself only to the Classical Period of Tibetan literature. He has endeavoured to deal with the Tibetan language as a whole. His dictionary derives its matter and principles equally from the literature and from the speech of the people. Each word has been made the object of observation in its relation to the contents as it occurs in books, and in its value and place among others when it is used in common conversation. But in the latter case, it has been an uphill task since the spoken language has as many dialects as the country its provinces. However, an attempt has been made to define the range and fix the meaning of current words far as possible. A number of diacritical marks have been used, following the system of Prof. Lepsius, for the exact pronunciation of Tibetan letters and words. The marks are of manifest description and cannot be startling to any general reader. The book is documented with Introduction which contains Tibetan alphabet, phonetic table for comparing the different dialects, abbreviations and the method of pronunciation. To increase its usefulness, the author has added at the end an English-Tibetan Vocabulary which will be welcomed by the reader and will be welcomed by the reader and will be serviceable to the general use of learning the Tibetan language


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