Nyaya Vaisesika Philosophy and Text Science

ISBN: 9788120835580

Author: Katsunori Hirano

Subject: Philosophy

Language: English

Binding: Hard Back

Pages: 125

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass

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About Book:

The aim of this book is to clarify the particular meaning-system of the commentary text in classical Indian philosophy. Here the author has attempted to show this system of generating meaning in the commentary text from an alternative perspective, utilizing the approach of "text sciene" and has elicited a new aspect of Indian philosophy as a result. This book is divided into four parts. Parts I introduces the basic concepts of discourse: history of the Vaisesika school, the Vaisesika categories, the concept of inherence (samavaya) and the concept of text. In addition the author has analyzed the meaning-system of the commentary text from the viewpoints of communication theory, quotation theory and the contextualism. Parts II, III and IV present annotated translation, from the edited Sanskrit, by the author, of the chapter of inherence's definition in each commentary text on the Padartha-dharmasamgraha by Prasastapada of the Vaisesika school, the Vyomavati of Vyomasiva, the Nyayakandali of the Sridhara and the Kiranavali of Sridhara and the Kiranavali of Udayana, around which this book's unique approach is constructed.

About Author:

Dr. Katsunori Hirano is Assistant Professor of Nagoya University, Japan. He received his Ph.D. from Nagoya University, Japan in 2001. He mainly works on ontology in Nyaya-Vaisesika and considers Nyaya-Vaisesika philosophy from the philological view point as well as from text science. His papers have also appeared in Three Mountains and Seven Rivers, Prof. Musashi Tachikawa s Felicitation Volume (MLBD, 2004 ), Nyaya-Vasistha, Felicitation Volume of Prof. V.N. Jha (2006) and Samskrta-sadhuta Studies in Honour of Professor Ashok. N. Aklujkar (2012).